100-year life period

My boss, who has reached retirement age, told me that he was scared that he would be slapped on the shoulder at any moment, and it is not uncommon to find middle-aged and older employees clinging to their companies even though they are aware of this. My friend’s desire to change jobs was motivated by the fact that he had seen executives aiming for lifelong security without having confidence in their own skills, even though they were working for famous and large companies. In this age of the “100-year economy,” people who cannot envision themselves after retirement continue to dream of lifelong security while being protected by the label of a corporate brand name. However, once that label is removed, the reality of facing old age with an empty self is inescapable. I want to polish my skills and become a person who does not lean on corporations… My friend chose to change his career to a different industry this time, but I am looking forward to his future.