A proposal to improve internal operations

One day, Mr. P from the same branch and I agreed to have lunch at the company cafeteria after a long time. We went to a large cafeteria on the 5th floor that could seat 1000 people. Most of the time, Mr. P and I use take-out salad bowls from outside the company or smoothies from the company cafeteria to finish our lunch, but the heavy rain that suddenly started to fall prevented us from going, so we decided to go to the company cafeteria once in a while. This is the seventh year since I joined the company that I have had lunch with Mr. P., with whom I have a good rapport, and even if a meeting of one of the project teams goes on for a long time, we usually have a cigarette and lunch together. We try to meet up at different times. I feel that just talking with Mr. P at lunch helps me to unwind from the concentration of my work and gives me energy for the afternoon. Neither of us is a heavy lunch eater, so we don’t really need to eat lunch, but if we are going to be lacking in our daily vegetable intake, we might as well have a salad for lunch. Salad bowls or smoothies were the standard lunch choices for the two of us. That day was actually the deadline for submitting some improvement plans for internal work, so I had asked Mr. P for a long lunch to consult with him.