On the need for a Day O team

In addition to the core NOC operations Day 2 and the Day 1 team, we need a smaller “”Day O”” team.
There needs to be a team that evaluates the deliverables and costs of all standard offerings, plus answers the custom requirements of the customer.
In this case, “”Day 0″” refers to “”pre-sales.””
In a small managed services business, these roles can be filled by the key management team, but you don’t need to be a large company to have a dedicated resource to fill this role.
The team should be run by someone who is familiar with the business and can work effectively with key leaders across the business.
This Day O team will typically work closely with the offer team to fully document and cost the different ITIL levels of support.
For custom products, this team will also work with the Business Development and Pre-Sales Engineering teams on custom deals.
These custom deals require very quick, and often very long term, decisions to be made.
But the important thing is that the delivery leader must be willing to grow the business.
This is because there is always the possibility that some problems will arise.
The Day O team needs to note or closely examine the core outcomes of the SOW.
Then evaluate what functions will be performed by your team and third parties. For the activities you will be providing, providing the required level of support is, in other words, a key outcome for the Day O team.
Many custom projects may require tool enhancements.
Therefore, the platform team is an important component of the equation.
Customized invoicing, order entry, and reporting are also important elements in some cases.
For large scale bids, the Day O team needs to work together.
The Day O team plays a key role in finalizing the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the customer.
Needless to say, this is of utmost importance and responsibility for the Day O delivery team.