Faculty of Pharmacy

There is also a four-year department in the Faculty of Pharmacy as originally, but since this is not a curriculum for training pharmacists, even if you graduate, you cannot qualify for the national pharmacist examination. It is a feature. (It seems that only students enrolled by 2017 can take the national pharmacist examination if the conditions are met.) Also, it seems that some universities have introduced a transfer system or an entrance examination system for working adults. It’s a detour, but it’s also open to those who want to become a pharmacist after going to a university or junior college other than the Faculty of Pharmacy. By the way, after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy / Pharmacy University, which is a four-year course, it is necessary to complete a graduate school related to pharmacy and obtain credits for missing subjects and practical achievements. After being certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, you will finally be able to take the national pharmacist examination.